Welcome to Meshify™!

We are a cloud first, zero trust VPN service built on WireGuard™ technology providing fast, secure connections to local and cloud resources. Make your own VPN! Mix and match between local and multi-cloud environments managed with the Meshify Agent. OAuth2 and role-based access control provide a secure environment to share and collaborate.


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Meshify VPN Service

VPN Service

We allow you to create and share your network to securely collaborate with others

  • Create a tunnel and see the Internet from another perspective
  • Create a relay to connect everything together, even remote
  • Securely share your intellectual property
  • Build and connect infrastructure
  • Overlay on top of existing networks
  • Visualize your VPN network
  • Network metrics
  • View DNS queries
  • Remote Access for employees
  • Site to Site VPN for infrastructure
  • Multi-hop Tunnel Services for anonymity
  • Excellent performance for Gamers
  • No lock-in to a specific cloud provider or service


DNS Services for your VPN

  • Hostname entered into control panel resolves across the mesh network
  • Devise your own naming system
  • See queries being made on network
  • Use your own DNS servers
  • Use third-party DNS services
  • Superior DNS design – No leaks!

Make Cloud Instances

  • Easy billing and lower costs.  No subscription required to use Cloud VPS
  • Pre-built with the latest Ubuntu server and Meshify Agent
  • Includes a desktop (also available without)
  • Be up and running in minutes
  • Launch a cloud instance in other countries/regions
  • Lean more about our Cloud Services


  • Sign-in with your Google or Microsoft accounts
  • Use your own identity provider to authenticate, including any multi-factor authentication associated with your provider
  • Invite members in email and authenticate them with OAuth2
  • Share entire account or per-mesh
  • Role-based access control
  • Enterprise customers can use their own IDP
  • Azure AD and Google Workspaces integration