Adding a Windows Host to Meshify VPN Service

Go to the Meshify Agent downloads page for Windows:

Click on the links and install WireGuard for Windows. Once installed, click on “Install Meshify for Windows” and download the binary.

Opening the setup program will automatically install and launch the Meshify Agent. After the agent launches click on “Login” and use the same credentials you used to login to the website to login to your machine.

Once logged in, click on “Add to Mesh” to add this machine to a mesh
Give the host a name and select the mesh to join. Specify the public endpoint and listen ports as needed.
Once you have added the host to a mesh, you’ll be able to view the mesh and start a remote desktop session (if supported by the target machine).

You can now close the client. This will minimize the application to the System Tray. To fully exit click exit from the tray.

meshify tray app