Launching Meshify Cloud Services

If you’re looking to get up and running quickly with Meshify VPN Service, then use one of our pre-built images in AWS or Azure. Each VM comes from an Ubuntu base, along with WireGuard and Meshify Agent installed. They are also configured with IP forwarding enabled by default, allowing for quick and easy configuration. Plus, as an added benefit, using one of our pre-built VMs pays us, which means you do not need an additional subscription. Billing through AWS or Azure lowers our costs, so we’re more than happy to pass along the savings!

Ubuntu 22 Desktop with Meshify VPN Service


If you don’t already have an Azure account, then try one of their free accounts.

Meshify VPN Server on Ubuntu 22.04

Now available! Run your own Meshify VPN Server integrated with your domain’s Azure Active Directory for authentication. A great choice for small and medium enterprises! All-in-one server can also act as a both a tunnel and relay. Supports basic authentication against the shadow file to get you started right out of the box. Effortlessly scales with you.

Ubuntu 22 Desktop with Meshify VPN Service

With enhanced networking, easy management. Specify a username/password rather than ssh key when launching, and login immediately through Remote Desktop. This is the easiest to use VM listed here.

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with Meshify VPN Service

This Azure VM scales to meet your needs. Pricing is per core and recommended configurations are discounted.

Amazon Web Services

Pricing for AWS VMs range from 1-2 cents per hour, in addition to Amazon infrastructure costs, depending on the size of the VM. There’s a five day free trial included. This is the easiest way to get to know what you can do with Meshify. Everyone should have a cloud account. Sign up with Amazon and spin up some VMs for free!

Ubuntu 22 Desktop with Meshify VPN Service

For a premium development environment, use this as a base for your cloud development VM. Or, bring up a relay or bastion in a matter of minutes. This powerful VM is ready and waiting. Running the very latest OS from Ubuntu, and configured for both SSH and Remote Desktop, this VM suits however you work.

Ubuntu 22 Desktop with Meshify VPN Service for ARM64

Also available for ARM64 architecture. These little VMs pack a powerful punch. Faster than comparable Intel-based VMs, and with better networking. ARM-based VMs typically offer superior price performance.

Ubuntu 20 LTS with Meshify VPN Service

Built with enhanced networking enabled this VM can handle any task. This does not include a desktop but can be easily configured from a terminal and web browser.

Ubuntu 20 LTS with Meshify VPN Service for ARM64

We have found the recommended configuration (t4g) to be a compelling offering at only around $10/month. The VM is zippy and has up to 5Gb/sec networking.


You can run the same containers we run! They’re published on Docker Hub. Also available in an ARM64 flavor. Note that these containers work perfectly on Linux distributions. Trying to run them on Windows will work, provided you recompile the Linux kernel for Windows to include WireGuard. We recommend using Linux for container work, and the Meshify Agent for Windows.


For detail instructions on launching cloud instances and configuring Meshify through SSH click below.

Check out this quick tutorial for launching cloud instances.

Manually Adding a Host