Using Meshify VPN Service with an iPhone

We are 100% compatible with the official WireGuard client for iPhone/iPad. You can run through these very simple instructions in a couple of minutes. You basically just name your phone and click until the service is configured.

To get started, go to the App Store on your iPhone and search for and install the official WireGuard client.

Next open a browser and login to the Meshify Admin using your iPhone. Click on Hosts and then click on “Add Host Manually”.

Specify the name for your iPhone, and mesh you’d like to join. Click “Submit”.

Next, click on the edit icon of the host you just created, and click on the “Download Config” button.

Click “Download” to download the configuration to your iPhone. You now have everything you need to configure WireGuard.

Next, open the WireGuard app you just installed and click on “Add a Tunnel”.

Select “Create from File or Archive”

In the file open dialog you should see the file you just downloaded in your recent files. Select it.

In iOS 15 or later you will receive a notification and may even have to enter your PIN to add the VPN configuration.

Once you have added the configuration simply toggle it on. Note that there are several configuration options you may want to enable in your WireGuard configuration, such as the on-demand connection feature. Feel free to review and enable them as needed.