Getting Familiar with the Meshify Admin

Account Management

Here you can name multiple Accounts, assign Roles, see Status and perform actions associated with your role. Here you see, as a User, I can view the Accounts I am associated with and have different Identities and Roles per Account.

Inviting Others to your Account

Invitation occurs in the Accounts management tab by clicking Invite Member, and adding their email addresses.

Mesh Management

Creating and Managing Meshes couldn’t be easier. In the Meshes UI, you can locate the name, description, IP address pool, and what account created the mesh (complete with timestamp). Tags allow for ease of use, as well as Actions you may perform depending on your role (edit, trash).

Create New Mesh

Under Create New Mesh, you can create meshes specific to your needs, adding friendly name, description, assign to a given account, and IP subnet. Tags are also available in this UI for ease of use.

Hosts Management

Under the Hosts tab, you can view what Meshes the hosts belong to including common name, joined meshes, IP addresses available, endpoint, and the use the convenient Tab feature for ease of manageability. Depending on your role, you can edit hosts, trash hosts, and toggle hosts off or on.

Adding Hosts Manually

In the Add new host UI, you can specify a friendly name, select from the list of Meshes to join, specific endpoints for clients, as well as use the Tag feature and specify whether the host should join on or offline.